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Links for Gamers

    At you'll find actual and complete game information (f.e. upcoming releases at Essen games fair), reviews, session reports and more.

    At Brett & Board of Mik Svellow you'll find actual and complete games information especially about new releases at Essen games fair.

    The Games Journal is a monthly web-based publication with articles about boardgaming in general and reviews about specific games. Unfortunately my english isn't good enough to read all articles of this magazine. is a very good english language database for games (rules, faqs, reviews, variants, session reports,...)

    Luding is a very good database for games especially for german games (german and english language) is a clearly arranged game database (CCG's, RPGs, Boardgames, Wargames, LiveRoleplay, PBEM Figures). They've rules translations and very good: the events calender

    At Kulkmann's G@mebox you'll find many reviews.

    The Gaming Dumpster / Sacred Chao Games of Frank Branham is a very good ressource for reviews and rules translations.

    "The Game Cabinet is a ... games magazine distributed exclusively on the World Wide Web. The magazine primarily covers family, beer and pretzel, and strategy games with an occassional nod to war games, miniatures, and roleplaying games...
    The content of the individual issues of the magazine have, due to the nature of this new medium, accumulated at this site to form a large database of information about games. The Game Cabinet holds rules, rule variants, reviews and random information about games from around the world." (Game Cabinet) is the main card games site.


    At the site of Balmy Balloonist, Rick Heli, you'll find a lot of game sources:


    Visit MSO Worldwide - Bringing Brains Together!

    And this is for brain and body:   


    Alva Alva ist a small but very nice tactic game of Alvydas Jakeliunas.

    Conquest a strategical game of Donald Benge.

    HiveHive is an addictive strategic game for two players that is not restricted by a board and can be played anywhere on any flat surface. Hive is made up of 22 pieces resembling a variety of creatures each with a unique way of moving.

    Locust games has rules and artwork from Lunatix Loop and Borderlands by Matt Leacock.

    Pentagonia is a five-sided 'mill' (nine mens morris); pc-version available.

    Spiele von Doris und Frank: english website of a small but wellknown german game company.

    Winsome Games: You like railroad games ? You're designing railroad games ? You should visit it's site.

(more links in german)
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