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    I am not liable for third-party sides.

    Some of these sides contain links to other websides, usually mentions of sources used, commercial and non-commercial offers I recommend and exchange of banners and/or links.

    These sides are not designed by me and can change anytime without my notice; I do not take any liability for their content.

    I don't want to dissociate in general of the websides of my friends, colleagues, competitors, partners... especially since many hosts afford plenty of time and money to offer good information and service.

    If it should occure that there is any annoying, unlawful or otherwise nonserious content at one of the sides I have connected with links, I dissociate of that.

    Please inform me by mail if you find a link to such a content at my side. I will go into the matter and remove the criticized link if necessary.

    Many Thanks.

    Günter Cornett
    (Bambus Spieleverlag, September 4th 2005)

    I explicitly dissociate of racism and discrimination of any kind, inside or outside the internet, no matter if comitted by private, governmental or what side ever.

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