Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions don't apply to the offers at the Spieleflohmarkt (flea market) because others offer their goods here.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid for the contracts of consumers with Bambus Spieleverlag Günter Cornett, unless they are not disposed at market places as www.dawanda.com. At such market places other terms and trades are valid especially referring to conclusion of contract, right of withdrawal and return handling. About these points the consumers get full information directly at the market place.

1. Governing law, venue

    The contract is governed by german law.
2. Conclusion of contract
    The contract is concluded with confirmation of your order by Bambus Spieleverlag Günter Cornett. The confirmation will be send by e-mail usually within a day after ordering. If it should exceptianally occure that a game is not available we will notify you.
3. Payment and delivery
    First orders will be performed with advance payment only.

    VAT Reg. No.: DE 187 441 909.

    For orders from outside the EC the Customer is responsible for sales and all other taxes associated with the order.
4. Right of withdrawal
    According to 312d BGB (Civil Code) you have got a right of withdrawal within 14 days after delivery. You may withdraw in writing, by e-mail or by returning the goods. Timely sending is sufficient. The period begins with receipt of the goods and the cancellation policy in writing. You don't have to give reasons for your withdrawal.

    The withdrawal is to be sent to:
    Bambus Spieleverlag Günter Cornett,
    Kopfstraße 43, D-12053 Berlin, Germany.
    cornett@bambusspiele.de, Fax: +49-30-6121884.
5. Return handling
    If the buyer withdraws the contract, he is obliged to return the goods prepaid to Bambus Spieleverlag Günter Cornett. Unstamped returns will not be accepted. If you already paid the goods, we will refund the price immediately after the goods arrived at us.
6. Privacy policy
    All personal customer information are subject to the Data Protection Act and will be given in no case to third parties, unless it's needed for order transaction or required by law.
7. Disclaimer
    Although I'm careful I don't guarantee that all informations at my sites are correct. I am also not liable for content of other sites I link to. For details see Disclaimer

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